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We are professional dog breeders.


Passionate about boar hunting and above all our dogs, the Beagles-Harriers have been breeding since 1999 and the Grands-Gascons-Saintongeois arrived at the Puy d'Auzon estate in 2011.

We have the opportunity to have land (100 hectares) on the edge of our home, where we have set up a training park. The latter is an essential tool for our breeders activity because it allows us to train and to credit the dogs daily.

Sébastien, Alexandre, Chloé, Dylan and Elsa are present for the development of dogs with all the passion that unites us.

All photos are to be found in the gallery

The Domaine du Puy d'Auzon appreciates the sweet melody of the hunting horn; during your visit you have the opportunity to listen to songs from the new CD of our Friends and partners Les Echos Des Provinces (

CONTACT Sébastien Van Damme 82160 LACAPELLE LIVRON


Quant tu vend un chiot, a une amoureuse


Chiots  pour la saison 2024:

pensez à réserver vos chiots,



L'élevage exporte ces chiens dans le monde entiers(voir rubrique "nos chiens dans le monde")

une vidéo réaliser par notre ami Gerson du brésil, qui fait vivre notre race de Beagle Harrier dans le monde entier.merci encore

Nous proposons un service de dressage pour chien courant( creance etc..)


Elsa est officiellement Tatoueur agrées de la SCC

Le domaine du Puy d'Auzon possède sa page sur Facebook...






The results of our Beagles-Harriers:

  • 1st at the farm competition of Uzech les Oules 2005

  • 1st at the Cézac farm competition 2008,2009,2010

  • 1st at the contest AFACC 13 Sainte Beaume 2010

  • 1st prize contest Villeuneuve Aveyron 2006

  • Excellent dog ranked at the national breeding beagle harrier 2016,2017,2018



Photo 452.jpg



Dog kennel barks on his fleas, hunting dog does not feel them.

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